Premium Java Spices Drinks

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Ingredients =
Ginger, turmeric, curcuma, lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, sugar
Variants =
Netto =
125 gr (5 sachets @ 25 gr)
Shelf Life =
1 year Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight
Serving Suggestion Brew with 200 ml of boiling water. Add some ice cubes if you prefer fresh cold wedang.


The Java spices drink is known by another name ‘Empon-Empon’ or ‘Jakute’ with a combination of ingredients in it, namely Ginger, Turmeric, and Curcuma.

The herbal drink, which is like herbal medicine, has become the mainstay of the Indonesian people and even foreign countries to fight disease. With a combination of ingredients from Java spices, this drink provides good health benefits.

The benefits produced by Java spices drink are :

  • Preventing bacterial infections
  • Preventing inflammation
  • Protecting the body from free radicals
  • Being able to heal COVID-19 disease

Made in powder form to support practicality so it can be served wherever and whenever you are.

Java spices drink is perfect for starting and ending your day to keep your body healthy.

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