Premium Red Ginger Drinks

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Ingredients =
Red ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, lime, sugar
Variants =
Netto =
125 gr (5 sachets @ 25 gr)
Shelf Life =
1 year Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight
Serving Suggestion Brew with 200 ml of boiling water. Add some ice cubes if you prefer fresh cold wedang.


Red ginger drink is the most widely known herbal drink and is often consumed daily because it can function to warm the body.

Red ginger itself is different from the existing ginger in general, because it has a more spicy taste so it is very suitable for warming the body, besides that it can produce many health benefits.

Besides warming the body, red ginger drink is useful for :

  • Maintaining endurance
  • Preventing digestive problems
  • Reducing muscle and joint pain
  • Overcoming gout
  • Reducing morning sickness
  • And even reducing the risk of heart disease

Recently, more and more people are consuming red ginger drinks, and you have to be one of them and feel the benefits that come from this herbal drink.

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